Vernissage – May 14h-16th 2010

The Rockliffe Retirement Residence was a most unusual location for a Vernissage, but having agreed to show, after a personal invitation from Ingrid McCarthy, I must admit I have no regrets. Especially since the venue was very well advertised and made open to the public. It is a most beautiful space with lots of natural lighting, great service staff and a provision of wine, cheese and live music. The first night almost felt like a black tie affair.

I was concerned that my art would find no appreciation or takers from this more senior crowd, but not only did their young guests appreciate an option to something other than beautiful, but muted watercolors and stunning photography by the other 7 artist sharing in this experience, I was reminded once again that these seniors were the ones that launched “modern” into this world. The 60’s and the 70’s brought some of the most contemporary minds into our consciousness.

I chose to present my “Dynamic Anatomy Collection“. If you want to know more about these and get a better look please visit here.

It was an honor to showcase my work in such an elegant environment and be surrounded by a broad spectrum of established local artists from around the region.

To say I enjoyed every moment would be a gross understatement.

A personal highlight was taking an old gentlemen named Sam, for a guided tour. He was sharp, funny and had a wit about him. He could flirt with the best of them and had wonderful insight. Doing the rounds with him, was an exercise in imagery as I described every single painting and photograph to illustrate with words a picture in his mind that his eyes could no longer see.

Spending time conversing with the artists was an enriching experience; and although I will not deny that selling a painting was an absolute thrill, their support was worth more to me than anything money could buy.

In particular hanging out with Julien Mercure and his lovely, soft spoken wife Genevieve, Ryszard Mrugalsky and Fred Chartrand two talented photographers and all the others.

Let me not forget the friends that dropped in and brought their own guests and of course my muse, patiently by my side the entire time, full of pride, friendship and so much more. Thank you my Love.

The three days past in a flurry but left me feeling like I had been on vacation. I’d do it again in a heart beat.


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