Artist Bio

Canadian born artist Stefan Dumas, came into his craft later in life after a long and successful professional career in Law, IT and Intelligence gathering.

His love for art came to him honestly as a descendant of the writer Alexandre Dumas, famous for his Three Musketeers and the infamous Count of Monte Cristo; one could argue an unfair genetic advantage in artistic expression . But words would not be the medium chosen. It was oil painting that coursed through Mr. Dumas veins.

With a penchant for massive canvases – the smallest starting at 4’x5’, and a love for the difficult challenge of oil paints, Mr. Dumas art is bold, vibrant, courageous and most distinctly masculine in it’s vision. Always preferring the beauty of the human form – especially in motion – leaving behind any hint or desire to paint landscapes, these paintings are not for the faint of heart.

Bringing to life any large modern space, or giving a small wall a purpose in any home, these unique pieces of artwork will always cause a stir and are guaranteed conversation starters.

A most fun loving, easy going and approachable artist, with a surprising amount of humility, you will find that dealing with Stefan will leave you not just pleased with your acquisition of an original piece of art, but also feeling you have made a friend for life.




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